March 2022

We published new insight into the famous tunneling process of electrons through potential barriers. Our results on nonadiabatic tunneling are already out in Nano Lett.

December 2021

Benedek Nagy, a former PhD student of our group defended his thesis on ultrafast damage research on femtosecond mirrors and plasmonic nanostructures. Once again, summa cum laude. Congratulations on this …

April 2021

We achieved the control of optically induced currents in dielectric media with a record breaking repetition rate (80 MHz) and

January 2021

Beatrix Fehér and Ádám Rieder joined the group for their PhD. We also have 2 Wigner internship students, Szilárd Takács and Csaba Németh. Welcome all!

June 2020

Our review paper “Strong-field nanooptics” is published at Rev. Mod. Phys If you need a copy, just let us know.

May 2020

Balázs Bódi defended his PhD thesis on high harmonic generation experiments and simulations, summa cum laude. Congratulations Dr. Bódi!

February 2020

Our lab was highlighted on the TV show “Novum”. Watch the video in Hungarian.

September 2019

The upgrade of our Legend femtosecond laser is finished, now it delivers 40-fs pulses with 10 kHz repetition rate (0.4 mJ pulse energy).

September 2019

We published our experiments on high harmonic generation on clusters with new insights into the famous electron recollision process.

July 2019

Our brand new Solstice laser is installed giving us 35-fs pulses with 1 kHz repetition rate and 7 mJ pulse energy! It is complemented with a UV-VIS-IR parametric amplifier for …